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Knives Set Best Gift For Father’s Day

Father's day knife gift

Nowadays give a knife as a gift is the perfect choice for a man since, at the present, they dedicate a lot to the kitchen and it is a manly element to gift.

In the past according to ancient customs, giving a knife can mean something bad for a relationship or friendship. We believe that doesn't apply to the dad-son relationship as it is stronger than superstition.

Anyway, if you want to get out of this supposed bad luck you’ll have to give the present with a coin on it. Also buying with us gets you out of this bad omen.

Best value kitchen knives

It’s difficult to find a present for men, we know. They seem like they have everything and nothing at the same time. Also, it’s hard to know what they want if they don’t tell us. So for sons, wives, or husbands who don’t know what to buy for them on their special father’s day, we bring you a particular list of the best gift you can get for this date

We assure, your dad will love these knives. They are good for grilling and the kitchen in general, and with their sharp blade will be able to cut any meat.

Remember you have 20% OFF on any knife of this list special offer of father's day

JapaRazor™ Professional Kitchen Knife

Forged of the finest German stainless steel Razor-sharped, that's why our blacksmiths make an ergonomic hole. To increase your control and boost safety. The blade stays sharp longer than others knives.



CURVĒ ™ - Premium Kitchen Knife - Limited Edition

Everyone is astonished after seeing such a piece. Don't show it off if you don't like compliments. Premium and secure experience



The Hawk Feather™ - Premium Kitchen Knife - Limited Edition

Special blade can be used for multiple tasks such as mincing pork, slicing beef & chicken, cleaving vegetables, peeling off fish, deboning chicken, and more. That's why its popularity exploded recently.



 Give them Gifts they Will Use

Stop giving him ties and mugs! It’s a good present but being realistic they already had a lot of that! 

Be creative and give him a present he will use many times in his life and will be able to brag about with his friends. 

Dads are usually very good at the kitchen, not only at the barbecue. So instead of buying expensive roasting equipment or gears for grilling, what better option than a knife that is affordable and has a badass look. Also, you make sure your gift will last many years

Rip Bones - Kitchen axe

Not a knife but also a good choice for the kichen. for those dads for whom a knife is not enough The Rip Bones Axe with a beautiful blade engraved and personalized handle.


Dragon cleaver - Vintage hand made kitchen knife

This is the most unique kitchen knife. The dragon, made of pure copper, the handmade blade, and the carved rosewood handle, make this knife the ultimate premium tool.


Stainless steel hand forged knife

Excellent choice for the kitchen with a dark black color. High quality easy to re-sharpen


Forged hammer tactical kitchen knife

Ergonomic Full Tang handle can prevent the blade comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. Multi-function kitchen knife which is designed for professional applications. Suitable for cutting, dicing, slicing with vegetables, fruit bread, and meat, adding satisfaction and enjoyment of kitchen, outdoor barbecue, hunting, or hiking experience.


Pattern kitchen knife

Modern simplicity, Damascus Steel lightweight. Similar to classic kitchen knives, so your dad will not have to adapt to a new shape.


The Rectangle - Damascus Laser Steel

Feature a distinctive, ergonomic bolster design for professional-style heft, exceptional balance, and beauty. The "Damascus" pattern is engraved on the blade to make it look awesome, at an affordable price.


Damascus steel octagonal handle series kitchen knife

Kitchen knife perfect to gift to those dads who don't like nothing too weird. Simple and beauty, different from others with a engraved never seen before


Didn't choose a present yet? Father’s day is up to come! Hurry up and make an unforgettable gift. Knivesxpert's Family offers you a 20% OFF on any product mentioned on the guide before. Because we want to take care of those who companionship us in our growth, just like a dad. The lovers of cooking will enjoy any of these gifts, I assure you.

Use the 20% OFF Code: FATHER-20-OFF

The stock for these products is Limited and we are running out of them. Or maybe some of us forgot to do the shopping before. So come on, what are you waiting for?

Do it for the memory

The best gift a father can have is to be close with his son and family. Who says that a knife after not having the best relationship, or haven't given anything as a present in previous years cannot create that bonding moment now.

After gifting the knife to your dad, you can plan a trip outdoors, camping, or going fishing. And after getting the food, let him prepare it using the amazing knife you gave to him. Let JapaRazor strengthen the bond.

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