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    Fourth of July Recipes to Celebrate Independence Day

    July 4th is very close and you still haven't thought of anything to eat with the family? Don’t worry we have delicious quick and easy recipes for celebrating the 4th of July with a cookout on the bbq and also for vegetarian people, as well we solve one more issue more for you. If you don’t have a present yet, our catalog will be 40% off for the 4th of July so you can have a special gift for cooking lovers. Keep reading and enjoy our meals with instructions step by step and ingredients.

    Food recipes for 4th of July

    If you are looking for some ideas you can do a barbecue like other 70 million people or hot dogs, maybe corn on the cobs or everything red and blue that came out to you. Here we ain’t doing that, we want to show you something new, something that makes you stand out over what anyone would have thought of and at the same is delicious and eatable for everyone there. So here there are your recipes for the 4th of July for a cookout, for the grill, and some vegetarian Ideas.

    Also, you must remember that for this special date we are having a 40% off on every product on our catalog on the 4th of July because we are patriot like you and we want to celebrate, have the best of the times and give everyone the opportunity to gift something special for your friends and family

    Easy recipe for the 4th of July to Cookout

    Recipe for 4th of July

    Quick delicious recipe for the bbq


    • Pork shoulder butt
    • mustard
    • Onion
    • Honey
    • Black Beer
    • salt
    • black pepper
    • paprika or sweet paprika
    • rosemary
    • And you will need Foil


    1- Make the fire so that the coal is heated, then when you do the next step place the meat.

    2- Mix the ingredients salt, black pepper, paprika, and rosemary in a bowl. You will have a red mix with a lot of rosemary and without fear of overindulging fill the outside of the pork shoulder butt with it on all the sides.

    barbecue recipes for 4th of july

    3- Place the meat on the bbq. The fire doesn’t have to burn it quickly so make sure you set the temperature right. It will be 15 min on one side and 15 on the other side to kind of sealed it.

    recipes for 4th of july cookout

    4- After this, you have two choices, or keep doing the meat on the fire keeping it warm for at least 3 hours, or you can preheat the kitchen oven in the last fifteen minutes and keep doing the meat there. This last option is easier and you will have the same results.

    Now place the pork on a foil and over it mustard 4 spoonfuls, the onion julienned, Honey 2 spoonfuls, and black beer these 4 ingredients will give it the flavor that it needs. Close the foil and place it into the stove 2 or 3 hours even four if your meat is big

    1st Option

    recipes for 4th of july bbq

    2nd Optioneasy recipes for 4th of july

    6- Final Step Let’s eat. You can accompany it with some potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad or make sandwiches. This last option is my favorite, along with variety of sauces. I assure you that you are going to enjoy this meal

    food recipe for 4th of july

    Salad recipes for 4th of July

    Vegetarian recipes for the 4th of July have become a tendency in this last decade so why not do one for all the family and your vegetarian cousins. 

    The easy way is to cook them some hamburgers or some vegetables on the grill. But let's do our best and make something a little more complex

    Recipe For Vegetarian People 4th of July


    • Bell pepper
    • Eggs
    • Potatos
    • Champignon
    • Mozarrella
    • Eggplant
    • Garlic
    • Salt and oil

    1- Bell Peper with eggs makes them grilled or baked. You have to cut the bell pepper in a half and place it into the fire for 30 minutes approximately, at the minute 20 put the egg inside. When it's soft it's ready to eat don't forget to salt it

    salad recipes for 4th of july

    2- Fried Potetos. Soak potatoes before frying them draws out the natural starch in potatoes and gives them that great crunch

    vegetarian recipes for 4th of july

    3- Mashed Egg Plant. Throw it into the hot charcoal with which you are doing the bbq or into the oven and the same as the bell peper, when it's soft it's ready. Peel and puree with salt, oil, garlic cut into small pieces or the seasoning that you like the most. For a sandwich this sauce is exquisite.


    4- Champignons with Mozarrella. Cut the trunk and leave only the head. Place it upside down and fill it with cheese, put up them a foil if you are going to grill it so the cheese melt

    salad recipe for 4th of july

    Did you like these recipes for the 4th of July? Feel free to leave us a comment and remember that on this special date will be making a 40% OFF on Every Product we have

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