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Rip Bones - Kitchen axe

Rip Bones - Kitchen axe

Rip Bones - Kitchen axe

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You are at the right shop! Here is the best hand-crafted stainless steel kitchen ax with a beautiful blade engraved and personalized handle. Made with passion and amazing blacksmith’s skills. Hand-forged stainless steel axes are a nice gift for any occasion. This design could increase toughness, improve stain resistance, and prolong knife life. The perfect weight balanced full-length handle is made of wood which is durable, non-slip, easy to clean, waterproof, bacteria-resist, and comfortable. Stainless and butt end design is made this knife even better.


Purchasing the Rip Bones ax you will not regret your choice.

It is high-quality work!  


Blade length: 150mm handle
Length: 125mm
Knife width: 120mm
Blade thickness: 5mm blade
Material: 40CR13 stainless steel handle

Double cutting edge! 

The blade is enhanced in wear resistance and corrosion resistance.  

Its strength, durability, and multifunction skills make the Rip Bones the perfect partner for cooking. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Long-lasting sharp edge designed for chopping meats, vegetables, and fruit. Good to cut large bones! Resistant handle, which withstands extreme temperatures!


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